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My Network View

May 29, 2019

In the traditional world of employment, extreme dedication and the accumulation of tasks, which reduces time for social activities, as well as family ones, are often taken.

Of course Networking has always existed in a natural way, for people who participate in clubs, associations of any purpose. Many of these had specific connotations and local activities were circumscribed.

However, nowadays Networking has become a fundamental part of the Economy of the New Times, where the concept of acquisition and immobilization of assets for the concept of use and more in fashion of experience is increasingly evident.

Entertainment sectors, use of software and the sharing of knowledge itself, make the business model changing. In this sense, collaboration grows in complementarity. Companies are born and cutting edge industries are always reinventing themselves and innovating. Remote works, virtual and without the previous characteristics, give us the dimension that we are increasingly perceiving more people around us

In this sense, the Network becomes vital because it is the way we are present, because in many cases we leave to be part of the great organizations that represented us and where we surfed in their reputation, to be the owners of our destinations. In this sense Networking is in the worst case a way of interacting on a larger scale with the world and being known in a different way than in previous times.

Placing on the side of the Supplier

May 22, 2019

One way for the seller to seek opportunities is to put himself in the role of the supplier. This is often not possible because we do not know the supplier's operational details.


Imagine that you own a company that sells IT solutions, training and produces training materials.


Imagine also that you as a consumer are a customer of an e-commerce site. Now when you make a purchase on the internet, your data has been violated and strangers have made purchases by pretending to be you. Imagine the whole process involved that involves this situation so that you as a customer are compensated and the problem is solved


Well this situation happened to me and for two weeks I got involved with this problem.


The first thing I decided was to prepare my spirit to deal with this situation in the most possible way. This may have been the most important decision of all.


One attitude I took was to call the customer relationship center. This is increasingly difficult, given that the internet service, already contemplates almost all the possibilities of solutions of problems.


In my case, since the problem involved returning merchandise, a telephone contact was necessary.


However in the telephone service itself, the use of artificial intelligence is intensive and when your call arrives the attendant is already an exception.


In these cases, despite the attention and education of the attendants, it is often noticed that there is a lack of technical preparation, or knowledge of the activities involved in a logistics process.

 After going back and forth with a client, and at the end having all been solved, if I were an entrepreneur in the Information Technology, Training and Production of Training materials, as mentioned above I would have thought:


How is the Information Security process - Since my account was violated?

How is the digital transformation of this e-commerce taking place, since the implementation of artificial intelligence does not cover certain situations resulting from the failure of information security?

 How are call center attendants recruited and trained to handle exceptions, since in my case, I had to inform that the process could be trachear my requests by the number in the invoices

How is the training of these staff and recycling process?

How is the training documentation?

How is the recruitment process and what are the criteria?

How is the management of this service

As I commented earlier I could only have thought of this case and put myself in the supplier's place if I had made the decision to be calm and patient. In fact to elaborate these questions I put myself in the situation of wanting to consciously enjoy and analyze what we are talking about today's customer experience.

So the best way to solve problems is to try to fully understand how a business would function and what failures are likely to occur. With this the seller has possibilities to visualize possible similar opportunities where their products or solutions, can best the client's business coming up desirable wins the win

The Fear of Asking

May 15, 2019

If all the people who have executive positions in companies or want to have a successful career or have a successful business of their own, were convinced of the power of the phrase "The more I learn, the more I realize that I still have a lot to learn", the social coexistence, including in the worlds of business would be healthier and more fruitful for both parties.


In today's world, where news, changes, and various paradigms are being broken, it would seem counterproductive that people for whatever reason might be afraid to ask.


Various behaviors,  especially those, linked to ego and vanity (in the negative sense of the term) inhibit the act of wondering. The stereotype that this person often wants to demonstrate is that of superiority.


In the business world this is fatal, as this is usually received by the customer as an almost selfish attitude, which can be demonstrated later if the business relationship progresses.


Just as the ability to listen is fundamental in the sales process, the ability to ask is the key to building strategies, solutions and approaches that can lead to the advancement of negotiations.


I say this because, I have had subordinates that in sales meetings or:


They said they knew everything about the client and they were almost offended when we asked him a question that he did not know the answer to.


or the other profile are those who were absolutely not interested and did not think the question was important. The two situations are terrible and are usually perceived by the client.


If in the past a sales interview could be more time-consuming because the client would have to talk about it because much information was not circulating publicly, today with the Internet, interviews can be much more objective because both the customer and the salesman have search tools to get a first idea of ​​the company and the possible opportunity. With this questions and answers has a much more strategic tone. However, if a seller goes to the customer visit without having researched anything about the customer, any question that is addressed should be taken care not to pass on to the customer a lack of interest or a lack of a minimum knowledge, which affects the client. empathy and therefore phases of the sales process.

In any situation, the fear of asking is the way to failure in the business process.

Listening is the source of opportunities

April 15, 2019

One of the characteristics of the sales process that is gradually being emphasized is the ability to listen. In the strictest sense is the importance of being in attention to every detail produced informed by the customer.

The sound emitted by the communication generated by the customer can have several meanings. A good practitioner of the art of listening will have a competitive advantage in front of those who merely wait for the person to speak impatiently, so that he can speak, without often having the connection due to the expectation of the client.

The customer perceives both differences  ,since  the first approach done by  the seller, from the first phone contact to make an appointment. Anyone who seeks contact with the spirit of knowledge will certainly be perceived by the client with great interest,  once this action demonstrates the interest  to knowi their business details and particularities. In this first contact, a characteristic that will be fundamental to the next stages of the sale,  is the empathy. Empaty makes easy the conclusion of sales process with quality.

Sales Channels_Factors to consider to develop them

March 29, 2019

One of the biggest challenges in finding the sales channel is linked to the convergence of expectations between the company that owns the technology and the goal of the Channel.

Often the channel is interested in representing a brand, for the reputation that in the first moment would give an expectation of a great potential in expansion of its current business. In the case of technology holder and who seeks a channel, they also seek a channel with capillarity, professionalism and reputation in their market. This reputation and participation in the market would take years to be won for the one who decided to open a structure in this sales territory.

Much of the frustration on both sides is linked to a point to which I have become repetitive. This is communication. Communication that from the beginning fails to understand the culture of both companies involved.

Analyzes of both parties, regarding the understanding of the market versus technology, channel qualification, training and recycling plans provided by the company that owns technology and agreement of service levels, lead in many cases to frustration.

Much effort is taken to mitigate these situations that if not done, the technology holder sees the channel as a mere buyer of its technology and a part that would help to fulfill its production quota and the channel sees the manufacturer as an additional flag of credibility, without the day-to-day of effectively understanding the business arising as real business opportunities.

Quite a few times behind this naming of a channel, there is a strategic plan reviewed and approved by both parties, an understanding of the organizational culture of the channel that is basic to understanding the boundary of each organization and a clear market analysis and strategic plans with actions aimed at growth.

I've seen situations where there was no goal and sales, but goals to get channels.

Globalization and everyday life

March 22, 2019

One of the by-products of technological developments was the reduction of distances and the instantaneous traffic of information. Looking from another perspective, globalization has internalized customs and profound effects on communication itself, regardless of their differences.

Today countries of the most diverse cultures, level of development and localization use mobile applications to solve several daily issues.

The use of social networking can put top officials of a country or a company in a possible contact with anyone. The big problem is when communication is not done with the right quality. The low level of proficiency in a second language is then the great bottleneck for nations and peoples to gain more profit in international exchanges, whether these come from services and international trade, or these are linked to the very dissemination and absorption of knowledge.

Openness to knowledge

March 15, 2019

One of the most important factors for people to properly place themselves in the business world is the predisposition to knowledge. I dare say that the human being will have to condition his brain in order to take advantage of the absorption of knowledge in each life experience. In some will have to deepen and others will have to revisit frequently, because at some point what has been absorbed can be used in complementarity or even understood because changes will have passed

Given that artificial intelligence moves toward perfection in the sense of being able to perform repetitive activities, instructed by the most complex algorithms elaborated by scientists, it is up to the human being to play the role of information evaluation and use them for decision-making or for direct the mind to creative activities, where the mental components responsible for the emotion will be activated.

In this context, minds and hearts have only managed to adapt in this new world, if they are thirsting for new knowledge. And then the paradox arises, for if apparently the information society can leave us isolated surrounded by machines and devices with their respective applications, on the other side the possibility of obtaining knowledge will be an additional factor in the search for human contact. Network groups have never been in vogue, as they are today

Adaptability in the business world

March 08, 2019

The technological revolution has had a huge impact on people's daily lives, from the most basic situations to dealing with the growing complexity of the world.

Often we are absorbed by these changes not having the time to question and any value judgment about it instantly becomes part of the story.

Projects, concepts, values ​​and the tools that support this world are constantly subjected to ever more intense developments.

How does this affect human relationships in this context? And to further complete how to understand that some groups, nations and continents may be living in a world where all these advances when they arrive in these places are already outdated? How to deal with these situations.

In the practical day-to-day business world there are predictions of impacts on the labor market, where functions will virtually cease to exist. How will the skilled worker in a particular activity adapt to this? At what speed will this adaptability take time?

Issues such as these should be in the discussions among world leaders, but the only conclusion I reach about this moment is the invitation for all people to inform themselves and look within themselves and seek the opportunities for each other as a result of this change. The human being has proven on several occasions his power of adaptability.

Transparency versus communication

February 27, 2019

One of the biggest challenges in the sales world is transparency. Several problems that generate complaints in call centers are linked to this factor. Much of the transparency issues are closely linked to poor communication, either because of a lack of knowledge or constant training

Call centers have tried to avoid this problem with an immediate recapitulation of contracted conditions, done by an attendant supervisor and then a satisfaction survey.

If large companies are having to adapt to this new world, it is fundamental that in the microenvironment of day-to-day face-to-face sales or even the internet, communication and transparency are critical points to be observed in the sales process.

Any training that addresses the phases of the sales cycle speaks at all times of formalizing agreements and understandings, meeting minutes, service level agreements and feedback.

That is why the sales management itself has as guarantee the total transparency and fluidity within the organization, in the sales team and with the client.

Doing so avoids rework, increases customer satisfaction and generates more business

Caricature patterns of internet sales

February 20, 2019

This account here is a personal opinion, without pretending to say what is right or wrong.

I have come to realize lately that there is a certain fad, or method of converting business into the internet. I have noticed on the one hand that there is a lot of effort in generating content and providing free information with the "apeal" for some kind of conversion.

As much as digital marketing companies say that in theory the success of digital marketing is in the creation and development of personas (segmentation of types of consumers with similar characteristics) to be able to customize the approaches, I have noticed a profusion of strange body and face expressions, videos of influencers, implying that he discovered the Eldorado to force a conversion. A series of styles of voices and expressions very similar to certain sects that seek to wring money from believers in exchange for paradise or the popular "I want", "it's free" or "only today for 10% of the total price 90%) Perhaps in the desperation to monetize something that would not be easy, such tactics have gained profusion.

As I said this is my opinion and respecting the tactics listed, as long as its results are strictly within the ethics, I think there would be room for a better selection of approaches, where the messages would generate to the potential client an idea of ​​subtlety about the product or service made available that would lead the potential customer to view the offer as a solution to their problems.

I believe that the internet is a powerful tool in lead generation and conversion, but the big challenge is to generate or leave in the client's imagination that he has the possibility to experience an unforgettable experience. For me subtlety has everything to do with it.

Put yourself in the other person's place

February 13, 2019

It is no longer the first time I make an analogy to classical music and the business world. Recently I posted on Linkedin a report that was to be the interview of a renowned conductor on the art of driving.

The subject was in the direction of the preparation of the concert and in the leadership that the conductor exerts on the orchestral conduction. At this point the credibility of the conductor was approached in front of the musicians of the orchestra, because the conductor notably is not expert in all the instruments. Normally the conductor originates in the piano, in the violin, sometimes in the oboe, or in some cases even in the percussion, yet does not dominate all at the same time. Of course, with the practice and the experience in the concert rehearsals, you have a sensitivity.

However the most compelling explanation is that often the conductor puts himself among the musicians to be able to understand from the orchestra the sounds the inputs of another instrument and with this it can roar the orchestral sound. At the apex, the conductor begins to have in the orchestra the extension of his gestural and when this combination is given the orchestra becomes the instrument of the conductor. When this occurs the musicians begin to use the indications in the scores as only a guide and it keeps all the time their eyes fixed on the expressions of the conductor. Of course, all this, bearing in mind that musicians have already absorbed the entire work, taking it into their head and soul.

All this explanation is given because it was previously said that the conductor also put himself in the place of the musicians.

Within the sales world, the sales manager must be able to succeed in his or her job, and he must put himself in the position of the sales man in each situation, this will make him more credible in management and therefore have the credibility to better manage his team

Are all sallesmen the same?

February 06, 2019

Are all men dedicated to sales roles the same? Is it possible to segment them based on experience, behaviors, seniority, and expectations?

Is it possible to connect already in the selection of these people to the pretended goals that every organization has in terms of results?

Is it possible to provide a homogenous sales training that covers the entire spectrum?

How to conduct a training where the development doses for each salesperson may be different, as far as I see the development and practice of undeveloped behaviors?

What is the cost to the organization of not recruiting a particular salesperson where the organization does not perceive the gaps between the expectations of this professional and the expectations of the company?

How to train the sales manager to take into account all the above concerns?

I come to this conclusion, as I have come to realize that sales productivity is increasingly linked to an individualization of the sales management approach with the sales team

I began to have this insight a long time ago when I realized that a particular sales person was more suited to one manager than to another, and vice versa. The same of gives with the attendance to certain type of client

One of the objectives of my services and consultancy is precisely this one, before giving any session in person, having a professional interview with the company and with it to understand the training objectives, to know the profile of the people to be trained and from there to prepare and carry out the face-to-face training taking this into account.

Connecting with the customer

January 15, 2019

One of the most present e-mail marketing issues I get most today, see as free informational offers in the form of e-books geared towards specific interests.

Why does this occur?

For one reason alone is the discovery of the client and the attempt to understand their behavior, needs and anguish.

The complexity of today's world, the automatism of things, the possibility of executives dealing with various issues at the same time, made access to decision makers' agendas more and more a challenge.

Using remote tactics or via the internet to try to infer the pain of clients and therefore connect these pains to possible solutions are increasingly challenges for the marketing and sales areas.

Prospecting, Selection and Qualification of Leads are the great challenge, to have the subsequent problem of how to give a better segment the opportunity in the later stages of sale

This is perhaps why we talk so much about innovation. Innovation this, which can often refer, not to a new product, but to a new approach and a new process.

In times of social networking, networking and a series of training focused on approaches give the exact notion that prospecting is an evolving topic and that perhaps no one has yet found the magic formula.


Sales Activity vs. Finance Knowledge

January 15, 2019

There are markets today, where the figure of the traditional salesman, or in other words the one that comes with a price list, a showcase of products and or a catalog, stuffed with technical specifications is a thing of the past.

The intensification of competition, the variability of solutions and even their customization made the customer demand more of the sales man

Many times improvement of the profile of the sales man has not gone to a term that would make him an entrepreneur, with all the characteristics inherent to them.

One of the less entrepreneurial behaviors seen in these old situations in my view was self-responsibility. Why ? The answer is simple, self-responsibility, presuppose security and one of the pillars to not  have security is linked to the little knowledge of finances

Lack of knowledge of price and cost formation, product lifecycle concept, and even the income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet greatly limit a business executive's view of making decisions or even understanding the reasonableness of same

This is becoming more critical in an environment where organizations are leaner, more productive and more professional.

I was talking to a colleague, who told me that the financial sector of several companies, only contemplates a Controller, the other functions being outsourced. The Controller of this company, is becoming more and more an executive who interprets results and elaborates plans and actions in functions of the results, than being a manager of people of the financial areas under his responsibility.

The same is increasingly true in some industries, where there was a heavy structure in a commercial department and today in many cases the Commercial Director is the Sales Manager and the seller himself, and he is in charge of a series of related activities, including definition pricing, managing your line of business results, and managing customer satisfaction.

This Commercial Manager will only succeed if he delves into the world of finance and clearly knows how to interpret in a universe of time the impact of his actions on the results.

Although some may be resistant to this, in a few years the customers will select the companies where executives can play this new game


Sales Selection Processes

December 27, 2018

One of the topics I see in the vacancies for Sellers and even Sales Managers, always gives me an impression that the company that announces puts an expectation in the opening of these vacancies to recruit a sales champion, the king of the network or in the case of the manager of sales, a former sales champion who has gained management experience and for this reason will revolutionize the company's commercial area.


When recruiting this professional, after interviews, tests and other activities the professionals enter into an induction process to absorb the culture of the new company, become familiar with the products of the company portfolio.  


Not criticizing the human resources selection and advisory process, I realize that the big problem is not in the process, but in the correct identification of the professional by the companies and the company by the professional to be recruited.  


The company often chooses to hire a sales man who may be in a competitor, in the sense of using their network to convert sales that would be closer to the competitor. Sometimes the hired salesperson also embarks on this situation because they believe they can start generating results quickly in their old customer base


In the medium term I do not believe this gear works. For me what works in the medium term is the company hiring a professional who has a psychological profile and the ability to develop new relationships, develop opportunities and use the tools and behaviors to complete the negotiations. The biggest factor in hiring is the ability to assess whether the hired professional demonstrates that he or she believes that the company's result goals have a link to personal goals and purposes  From the contractor's point of view, he has to believe that the objectives and challenges he will assume are related to his purposes  


At a time when employment relationships change drastically and are increasingly volatile, I dare say that the candidate for a sales area should behave like an investor, to analyze those companies that are part of him and that have synergy with his purposes , to apply. Investing in an opportunity for temporary financial relief may be a loss of opportunity, in the case where there is no purpose marriage

Learning and Knowledge

December 20, 2018

One of the biggest challenges in today's world is to stay current, modern and always be engaged in this environment. This challenge affects all current professions.     


A series of companies that existed and ceased to exist, or which became irrelevant because they were not reinvented. Imagine what happened in commercial departments if the seller himself gets parked in time?  


More than their employability, it is important to reinsert the issue. What is its use?


I understand that this is an increasingly constant challenge in our lives and that may distress us.


  One of the most heard phrases today is: "I have to reinvent myself"  


I would say that the most important of all is to be spiritually prepared for new challenges, new opportunities and even to take on new risks. I highlight five points in my vision that are fundamental and that perhaps in a previous world where the changes were not instantaneous and there was a sense of stability:


- Humility

- Self knowledge

- Patience

- Perseverance

- Availability


  Humility, in the sense of having an open mind, Self-knowledge to understand strengths and others to be developed, Patience to wait for actions to give results, Perseverance to pursue the goal outlined, Availability for new challenges. By reinforcing the five points, you will understand that the first result is that you will begin to have a hunger for knowledge and new learning and challenges.

To be Global

December 13, 2018

In my point of view, one of the greatest satisfactions in the business area is the possibility to meet people and cultures


When you work in a global company and one of your responsibilities and have to develop business in other countries, there is a unique opportunity for you to face different cultures and different behaviors.


While on the one hand this may at first seem like a series of barriers, on the other hand it opens up numerous opportunities if you treat it with resilience and humility


This resilience and humility in my case were fundamental, as I realized that it was essential to improve my foreign languages ​​and to learn other


Learning and practicing a foreign language gives you some benefits that are fundamental to the pursuit of business success:  

- Improved self-esteem

- Integration into a diverse environment

- Greater cultural baggage

- Greater security in the conviviality with other nationalities

- Greater Respect.  


These five factors together, by themselves are motivating factors, for your "being", which are not so easy to find in our day to day


December 06, 2018

One of the most important actions in the field of sales and what is usually overlooked is planning.


 This activity, beyond its own characteristics of design, has intimate connection with some practical questions.


1. What new clients and new opportunities should I address?

2. What actions should I take to develop the most likely to complete business?

3. How to structure the scheduling of visits, when is it necessary?

4. Preparatory activities for a successful visit

     1. What to Ask

     2. How to approach

5. How to manage time?  


These issues above and having the dimension that this Planning assumes an earlier task of goal setting, can be of extreme value to make the sales activity more productive  


The maxim to be used is that the planning can be a bureaucratic activity and that takes time, but the absence of planning can at the end of the walk not give parameters for the revision of the same and if the corrections of course.   Correcting directions is much more difficult if you have not established your activities before and connected them with the ultimate goal  


Wrong Planning is better than not planning at all

Education and Culture

November 26, 2018

Whether it was time that the attributes of the seller, had to do with personal sympathy, aggressiveness and take risks, sometimes uncalculated


The behavioral characteristics of the sales executive  are then scaled and added to other characteristics, not only to give a better effectiveness of the sales activity, but also to other activities that require the blood of the traditional salesman with  other abilities.


 In a world where the salesperson is often the entrepreneur himself, or in the future decides to run his own business,  new attributes become vital.


Given the internet, digital marketing and even e-commerce, much of the customer's buying journey is done without human contact between buyer and seller.


Except for e-commerce, where the sale is completed with payment on the internet, other buying processes will at some point have the intensive human negotiation. The internet has made it easier for both buyers and sellers to have a source of information that was previously only available on a formal visit.


This if on the one hand may have generated an environment of possible cooling in relations given the need for more objective meetings, on the other hand has generated a huge benefit to buyers. The internet has disseminated information to buyers and with this they are much more demanding.


The only way the salesperson can provide a better and perhaps unique experience to his customers is if he prepares himself better regardless of the company where he works or not offering a training package.


The necessary behavior is the sense of unceasing concern with the pursuit of knowledge The Salesman and the entrepreneur of the future have as their first characteristic the curiosity. And as a first action the incessant search for knowledge, within or outside its spectrum of action.


Search for knowledge is a non-delegable activity.


November 09, 2018

About a week ago, I attended a meeting where the topic of leadership was addressed. This lecture was intended to lay the cornerstone of a leadership seminar


Within this exhibition, and most important was to make a recapitulation of my career, both being led and leading.   I spent some time thinking about the subject and both when I did not feel comfortable with the behavior of the person leading me, even when I was leading myself it led me to understand that the question of leadership is one hundred percent linked to an intellectual preparation and spiritual where administering some emotions are fundamental, such as:


 - Understand and not understand not be ashamed to ask

- To have cold blood to accept pressure and even if personally involving with her already to be thinking about the possibilities of solution instead of the problems coming from her

- Understand and ask the purpose to your leader or being a leader, engage your subordinates in a purpose where it is worthwhile for them.

- Leadership has to do with communication, nothing is more urgent than clear and fluid communication


The exercise of leadership applies even when talking about small, individual companies and where the relationship can be more and more of collaboration rather than employer and employee.  


Perhaps these points are the principle of the question.

Work in the Future

October 29, 2018

I recently read an article stating that Germany was requiring skilled labor for the medical and technology areas because its population had a low growth rate and as a consequence , the avarege age is becoming older.


According to the same article, ti is required in the next coming years around  1,000,000 work positions that needed to be filled. The tone was dramatic and warned that if this goal were not met, the levels of economic growth would be compromised.


The German Economy is based on small and medium-sized enterprises


Articles like that and taking into account that one of  expressions  that has been more discussed  today is the concept of Start-ups, it is clear that the profusion of attempts at innovation and opening of own businesses with or without investors is that the concept of traditional employment in a large corporation or government agency, where stability was the object of desire is less and less aligned with the future and even with what has started to happen nowadays .


I do not know if minds are even prepared for the project work, with a fixed duration or even the spread of the free lancer job concept.


How do you get the question of sales training and behavior aimed at maximizing business?

Perhaps for this new phase, the traditional sales courses will be  transformed into courses focused on entrepreneurship, planning, design thinking and others.


Taking into consideration that resources are limited and people have their own characteristics with strengths and weaknesses, perhaps the way to deal with  the eara of uncertainty is the shared work where companies complement each other


I have participated in discussions on the subject and the path seems to be going in this direction. And incredible as it may seem, despite the internet seemingly lead to loneliness, making the right use can be the stimulus to the network, promoting meetings of common interest, which are necessarily personal, even because without personal and human interaction, even with all the technology we have today would not get us anywhere.

Discomfort Zone

October 11, 2018

In many  ocasions, Sales Managers and Commercial Directors in meetings and lectures have already reported that the best way to generate sales productivity was to always get the sales executives out of their comfort zone.


There are cases that after closing a successful sale where the objectives had been reached in full, one of the rewards to the winners was a trip to Miami or New York, known as consumer meccas, so that the salesman returned without money and only this would encourage them to step out of the comfort zone and re-motivate themselves to generate more results.


On the other side, the sellers who did not fulfill the goals, besides the discomfort with the situation itself, in the face of failure, only this would stimulate them to seek to overcome the challenges.  maybe to the fact  that they were with the wounded ego.


And how would this be today?


In a society where changes occur intensely, goals, challenges and revisions of plans are changed in periods that no longer respect the traditional schedule of business objectives. The expression "leaving the comfort zone" should be retired, as the discomfort is the tonic of life and perhaps no Manager, Director or executive needed to put the salesman in the zone of discomfort


The zone of discomfort is the current state of things, where everything is changeable and reinvention becomes the guarantee of survival. Perhaps the role of the modern leader is to manage the general discomfort so that a chaotic environment is not generated within the permanent change.


Communication, Focus and Monitoring is perhaps the best way to manage the permanent age of disruption

Discipline and Planning

September 06, 2018

Many commercial departments and many sales professionals have a real block with planning activities.


One of the points that is most perceived is the true lack of discipline, which transcends the direct administration of its agenda


Many handle the daily routine as a passage of time, and the activities at the end of the day give the impression of a succession of unrelated facts of cause and effect.


 When this happens, it is as if the professional and sometimes the department itself was in an organizational limbo


This is a symptom that the department itself, when receiving its objectives, does not establish the connection between the activities necessary to achieve the objectives and daily routines


In this case the perception is that the agendas are no longer controlled internally, but the activities are established according to the external environment.


With this you lose all control over and even the possibility of achieving the goal.

Email vs. Social Network vs. Personal Contact

September 05, 2018

Not too long ago, 100% of business interactions were through personal contacts.


In the contemporary world, with the advent of the internet, this relationship has been changing.


Many say that the Internet has allowed for a simultaneous activity that included negotiations within a new communication process


I believe that steps of a negotiation process may actually have suffered from this influence and of course also with e-commerce the human factor may have generated a reduction in the physical and face-to-face interaction of the seller and buyer  


However, other than buying and selling processes, where they are parameterizable and repetitive, the machine can replace the man.

On the other hand, it is clear to understand that the man who instructs the machine and operates. Given the above, everything else in a negotiation process will require human contact.

This must be stimulated to the maximum, because there is the step of creativity and differentiation within a negotiation process


When people do not have this perception, they end up hiding and encapsulating in this new virtual world, forgetting that commercial activity is eminently personal.


Not infrequently when this occurs, negative impacts on results are usually perceived Hence the maxim "people buy and sell to and from people" 

Focus shifts

September 04, 2018

One of the biggest problems in any organization is time thieves.


A productive society, makes the focus more and more, but necessary. We are surrounded by externalities and appeals that divert attention from us.


With social networks, instant messaging, and untimely preoccupations, they shape themselves as enemies that increasingly disrupt the pursuit of productivity in modern life.


The difficulty, shorter and shorter deadlines on the part of everyone and more importantly on the part of our clients, cause people to become stressed and many become responsive and automatic. All this creates a sense that we have an obligation to be an instant responsive.


That is not true.

Everyone expects everyone to have their priorities

All hope that some feedback will be given

Everyone expects everything to be talked about and discussed, from conditions to deadlines


If people stopped thinking about what others thought and contacted people about every expectation on every request, in an open conversation, half the stress in the work environment would be kept to a minimum level

Goals and Results

September 03, 2018

Any company sets goals within certain deadlines.


These goals are always cascaded by several departments in a tangible way, either through monetary values ​​or through qualifying indexes.  


Any goal has to be challenging, doable and perhaps most important, easily understood by all involved


 Challenging, it has to do with the motivation, the dream and the realization


 Fact, it has to do with being sustainable based on premises, and market studies, that have connection with reality.


Easy to understand, it has to do with the process of communication and explanation where and why you want to get there.


From there, organization and commercial teams plan the tactical and operational actions that guarantee the achievement of the objectives.


Not being the end, but the tool and the means, planning, control and monitoring, are the guarantees that unforeseen or mishaps along the way can be properly identified, analyzed evaluated so that corrective actions can be implemented to reach and surpass the agreed objectives

Calibrating Personal Characteristics for the Right Time

July 13, 2018

Personal characteristics in sales are very important. I emphasize two that can, when interpreted in strict sense, have opposite effects:


Energy and Aggressiveness


Energy has to do with disposition, motivation, intensity. This feature can often lead the customer to highly positive impressions, leading you to the perception that you, the sales man, can perform and be proactive.

Energy has also to do with personal practices that will often give rise to the day to day professional. It is not too much to mention habits related to quality of life and food.


Speaking of Aggression, many readers of matters pertaining to the sale associate this with less noble instincts in the human being.


However, the aggressiveness in the sales area concerns the persistence of the perception, the insistence, not to fade away and be willing to overcome adversity. Both Gandy and Mother Tereza of Calcutta were extremely aggressive when they fought for their goals and did so with absolute tenderness, so much so that they never associate these characters aggressively.


The application of both energy and aggressiveness must be supported by another characteristic, which is sometimes forgotten by Commercial Directors, Sales Managers and Salesmen. Common sense !!!!!

Inspiration is important, but before it has to have a lot of perspiration

July 09, 2018

Never have the personal characteristics of a sales man been so important, but today many more requirements are important than in the past.


Empathy, energy and aggressiveness have always been important characteristics, yet we are increasingly dealing with informed, increasingly professional, highly-focused customers in efficiency and productivity


Jargon used in the past as fundamental in the selling process, no longer needed drivers of such empathy. The world has changed and preparation for an approach will require more work, This work, which we can say as the perspiration phase, has as support the worldwide computer network.

In fact, it's more work, but with existing, easier search tools.

Addressing a client or meeting with him without understanding the basics of his business is a passport to failure.

Business in times of transition

July 05, 2018

One of today's biggest challenges for those working in the business world is the speed of change.

In the past, the greatest impact on the sales activity was due to the external environment:

- Economic Crises arising from cycles

- Natural disasters

- Wars

- etc


Another factor has been added to the new generations, whose impact can be even greater:

The speed of change


Most of all, this creates a disturbance in the very art of planning, causing all economic entities to come up with entirely new issues. Many of these issues are putting the very notion of the product life cycle to some markets down.

How can we turn everything into tangible and material things, since nothing is controlled at all?

How the human being reacts to all this and manages their anxiety and their expectations in such an uncertain environment, where increasingly the desired safety of:

A long and lasting contract

Safe and durable employability

Are things ever more absolutely intangible?


Not wanting to be a sociologist, as the vast majority of the world's population, without access to the minimum will be connected to this crazy world? What will be the rules for including these people in this dynamic?

I write this topic inside a branch of a bookstore, which has about 6 stores of 1000 square meters, with shelves full of books, where the bar of the own bookstore has more customers than the bookstore itself. I have seen this scenario in some capitals of the civilized world and this is a business model that intrigues me most, even because the e-book is not necessarily a success

The only alternative for the sales man is to have the maturity to understand that what he did to succeed in moments of crisis, will have to continue doing now at all times. Ability and open mind to be informed and to use this source permanently to reinvent itself every day

Is personal sales contact going to end?

July 02, 2018

One of the most discussed topics today has to do with time management.

While the advent of new technologies has led to a steady increase in productivity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand productivity as all people become more demanded. With this, what is to be productive in one month can mean unproductive in the following month.

On the other hand, a part of this technological development has been impacting the very elimination of jobs, especially in functions where the machine replaces repetitive activities.

As a consequence, more and more executives have less time for face-to-face external meetings, and when they have the opportunity to do so, are quick, short, and objective sections.

This state of affairs associated with the increasing commerce of products and services in electronic channel (internet) flow in new need of systems and applications. The challenge is to understand the clients, sometimes without the slightest human contact. Today's value is called lead generation and qualification systems.

How will this iteration in the future of traditional vendor with its customers, if time is scarce and agendas unattainable?

It is definitely a question I have, even because companies are looking for technological solutions to replace human activity, even in the management of their current constant customer base.

All the professionals who have the obligation to unfurl new horizons of opportunities will have to be attentive to this moment of transition and, in a way, to make the most of how to navigate this new horizon.

Perhaps the challenge is to awaken the artist within us and create. In the case of the sales world, the objective is that in the increasingly rare times of human interaction, that it be special and perhaps unforgettable in the most positive sense of experience

Credibility and cost of exchange

June 11, 2018

One of the biggest challenges in the sales process is gaining credibility with the customer.


The client knows when being approached that behind this action there is a Business goal on the other side of the table.


As much as possible it will use this situation throughout the selling process.


Even though there is subconsciously a process of dispute and achievements It is therefore up to the sales man to explore each moment of this conviviality and to turn a position of dispute to a win-win solution with mutual benefits


The first steps of the approach are strategic and maybe it's time to surprise the customer.


The biggest challenge is to conquer this position, to develop the sales cycle, developing from there a position of increasing credibility.


The greater its interaction with the client as a result of a credibility naturally gained after a hard work, the greater it will be the cost of switching to a solution of a competitor

Customer Appreciation Example

May 25, 2018

Below is a person's testimonial from my personal relationship about customer service.


"I was pleasantly surprised one day when I did some shopping at the shopping Center.
I was looking for a department store, a set of two skirt hangers. I had already bought two
of them, but I checked that it would need two more similar sets.
I've been looking for them, just finding one set.
I went to the cashier to make the payment and the young woman who attended me, with a sweet countenance
and a sweet smile, greeted me and asked me the following question:  "The lady found
All the products you were looking for?  "
I didn't believe what I was hearing because I had never been so polite and professional.
I replied that, sadly, I had only found one set.
Bigger SURPRISE!!!!!! She immediately picked up the phone and called the stock, some floors
above, and asked them to check if there was the aforementioned set. The answer was affirmative and she asked,
So to a colleague to pick up the product. At that moment, a young man came to work
in stock with 2 sets!!!!
Terrified with such promptness, I thanked the attendance and returned home with the intention of narrating
This experience, true class of how to meet the customer.  "

Why not fear the technology

May 21, 2018

It is undeniable that the speed of change increasingly stuns us.

In all the segments technology has left people distressed about what will happen in the future and impacts on each undeniable, however, that when analyzing human behavior, there has always been an adaptation of these to the novelties.


Many lessons and lessons I have had in my life have to do with classical music, for which I confess my passion. I learned to like music in a moment of indefinition, when I was 17, when I had a measles that after a month was diagnosed as a mononucleosis.

This lack of definition in the only time in my life left me with no ground. The song was the reason for my recovery for sure.

I believe that classical composers had a link to the supernatural, the metaphysical, and the Creator.


Since then I have read a lot about music, from the biographical point of view of the characters, from the current interpreters and their musical visions.


One of the greatest orchestra conductors of the twentieth century was Herbert Von Karajan, who led the Berlin Philharmonic for more than 3 decades. He saw the technology with a visionary look before the advent of the CD and DVD.


Since the 60's he started to record films, classes and concerts. From an audience restricted to the few regulars in the opera and concert halls, the audience reached millions


In one of his last statements he expressed an interest in resurrecting or reincarnating, because he knew that technological evolution would open more and more possibilities in the world of the Art of Music.


Unlike the technology-savvy ones, Karajan wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.


Thirty years after completing what would be his 100th year in 2008, his orchestra, which named him in the 1950s as "Conductor for Life", has launched the Digital Concert Hall platform where the world audience can watch live stream concerts,


That is, if he were alive, he would contemplate the wonders brought by technology in the field of Art and entertainment.

Market Professionals in the Future

May 17, 2018

What would be the ideal profile for a future sales professional?

Having been on the market for the last 30 years and having followed the new profile demands, I note that in many places the demand for these new features necessarily does not meet the supply side response.


One of the aspects that I perceive is that, with the advent of technology and productivity gains allowing more to be done with less, in many areas old profiles are still sought with low cost, in the assumption that the equation is solved by the side of the cost.


On the other hand, there are already organizations that seek excellence in the business professional, even if they have to focus on niche but more specific and more lucrative therefore opting for the quality of the professional versus the quantity I know of organizations where the Sales Director is the Sales Manager, the marketing planner and perhaps the Project Manager, or else he has other functions in a small Sales Team


In the extreme of all this is the entrepreneur himself, who at the beginning of his activities has to be multitasking.


At this point, it is clear that the future of the professional passes through the entrepreneurial mentality, but not only this as the clear need to have a global vision of the business environment. With this it is not surprising that some needs are pointed to reach the desired profile listed.


- To acquire a mathematical and financial basis, having clear concepts of price formation, profitability of cost and opportunity.

- To acquire sensitivity to manage people and conflicts.

- To develop skills in project and resource management.

- To scquire presentation techniques, fast, concise and objective

- To cquire fluency in other languages, as much as possible:

 - To be thirst for learning and knowledge.


The above concepts should guide organizations of any size, perhaps in the home environment.


May 11, 2018

Throughout my career, I participated in several sections of internal discussions to define the price to be offered to a particular situation client


When we are discussing commodities, the discussion is easier given the tangibility of the product. In many cases this item may already be of general knowledge and, therefore, there are references to compare.

When solutions are complex and the sale and implementation contains innumerable intangible factors, the very definition of the price pass is a challenge.


On the one hand, buyers in the attempt to transform the intangible into the tangible, in order to parameterize the evaluation. On the other hand, sellers seek to construct a narrative based on factors that can address implicit and often not formally stated needs by the client in order to balance the negotiation Theoretically, product price definition, regardless of the final value, has 3 nuances:


a) The strategic price:


The one defined in the product launch, which took into account all the information contained in the strategic planning of the company, to highlight:


- The positioning against the similar product of the competitor;

- The positioning against similar products of the company itself. That is, the evaluation of the impact that a new product might affect the demand for a current product;

- The financial result required and planned during its useful life;

b) The tactical price


 It is one that is determined with a specific purpose: Temporary promotion or stock reduction action.

 The Tactical price only exists from the definition of the strategic price.


c) Operating price It is the price coming from day-to-day negotiations, or the concession discounts.


The operating price is also derived from the strategic price.

The biggest challenge is correct pricing over time. Wrongful actions in this administration do not only generate impacts on financial results, but also on the company's own credibility.


Reducing prices or raising prices, granting badly explained discounts generate a perverse chain in business continuity Unfortunately not all business men have a clarity on the subject.

And this is increasingly critical within a context of ever shorter product life cycles and in a context of constant innovation.


Beyond this factor, the market insecurity itself becomes an additional external factor that makes price management even more difficult.

Sales Management

May 09, 2018

Each executive is different and has a distinct professional background.

This also translates into management style. Some managers understand that establishing a dispute within a team is a way to energize and generate positive tension.

I, in particular, have a different view. In an increasingly complex environment, where financial and human resources are used with rationality, I believe that collaboration among members would generate greater opportunities and more consistent and lasting results. It is up to the manager to lead.


An important orchestra conductor has a rather interesting language figure about what it is to lead. When practicing riding it is a mistake to want to drive the horse 100% of the time, because he knows his direction and the conductor knows how to conduct his score, and it is up to him to guarantee and interfere if there is any lapse. An orchestra knows the details of the score, it is up to the conductor to simply make each musician listen to the sound of his colleagues.


Most of the time the law is "Do Not Disturb" The manager and the driver take care of the rhythm and the tempo. That is, they only act when the unit is compromised and impacts the result of the work.


The role of the manager should be that of trainer, example, advisor and facilitator.